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▷Polished Concrete Is Worth Doing Properly In San Diego

Polished Concrete Is Worth Doing Properly In San Diego

Polished Concrete Is Worth Doing Properly In San Diego

Polished Concrete Is Worth Doing Properly In San Diego

We’re proud of our reputation in San Diego as polished concrete experts. We’ve been in business for more than a quarter-century, so we have a solid reputation. We’re a family-owned business that people can rely on, and despite the fact that we’ve been polishing concrete floors for over 25 years, we stay current with new techniques and processes and invest in new equipment on a regular basis. We don’t rest on our laurels, and as a result, we continue to exceed the expectations of our clientele. 

Many of our competitors do not have as much to be proud of as we do. Unfortunately, there are a few organizations out there that offer concrete polishing services, but they lack the experience and skill that long-established businesses like ours have. They’re essentially designed to profit from the expanding popularity of polished concrete floors in both home and business settings. In some circumstances, these fly-by-nighters borrow equipment from a rental company – they don’t even own their own equipment! If they do, it’s usually secondhand and not up to the task of producing the amazing finishes that our current technology can. 

To make matters worse, these “phantom” floor polishers have no understanding how to use the equipment – and believe us when we say that this is a much more difficult operation than it appears. We need to tailor the grinding components we use on the machines to the work needs – you can’t use the same one on every project. That information comes naturally to us, but it is not so for the newcomers who are currently operating in the field. As a result, they use equipment that, at best, accomplishes half the job and, at worst, is a complete disaster. We’re frequently called out to clean up the mess that others have made, and the majority of the time, this is due to the improper use of equipment. 

Polished concrete is something that should be done well the first time. When done properly, the results can be breathtaking. The only way to do so is to hire a respectable firm that knows exactly what it’s doing. A company like this will have a portfolio of previous projects and be able to connect you with happy customers. They’ll have the necessary equipment for the job and, more importantly, well trained employees who know how to make the most of it. 


If you’re considering a polished concrete job, these are just a few things to consider. Don’t be scared to shop around to make sure the organization you’ve chosen is capable of doing the task. Feel free to contact Concrete Polishing Solutions at (619) 870-8308 to discuss your project, and don’t forget to go over our credentials while you’re at it!

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