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Many inhabitants of San Diego are enticed to spend the whole summer in or around their swimming pools by the warm weather and laid-back lifestyle.

You need to create an oasis that stimulates joy, laughing, and relaxation if you want to hold the finest parties. The way the concrete surface surrounding it looks is an important aspect of its allure.

A concrete pool deck can help with this. It is a necessary component of any home in San Diego. It is not only a pleasant and relaxing location, but it is also a significant addition to your house. With our pool decking San Diego services, you can take care of your pool decks.

Pool Decks San Diego

Signs that It’s Time For A Concrete Pool Deck Remodeling

When your deck is damaged or discolored, it’s tough to create a nice pool area or poolside refuge. Whether in the ground or above ground, a deck can crack, discolor, chip, and eventually need to be repaired. It’s time for a concrete resurfacing if any of these are preventing you from enjoying or even glancing at the deck without feeling stressed or disappointed.

You have a few choices, but the pool deck resurfacing San Diego with ornamental coatings like knockdown finish and stamped overlays provides a level of excellence that no inexpensive paint can equal.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing San Diego

Coatings and overlays give the following benefits in addition to their obvious visual appeal:

Maximize Your Pool Deck

Increased usefulness and safety in the area surrounding your swimming pool. If your stamped concrete pool deck, for example, is in good shape, it will serve you better. It prevents injuries from the strewn-about damaged concrete.

Keeps Your Decks At Optimal Temperature

Knockdown finishes and Kool deck resurfacing are cooler underfoot, making it easier to stroll around barefoot on pool decks. It can keep a pool surface at a lower temperature for 30 percent longer than conventional pool deck overlays. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for “cool deck installers near me.”

Safety Assurance

The new swimming pool flooring also has better traction and is less slippery. This feature can help to lessen the risk of slips and falls, especially on wet pool decks.

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Concrete Polishing Solutions knows how a simple pool decking renovation in San Diego can make pool time more enjoyable. The Better Business Bureau has given us the coveted A+ rating for our 40 years of outstanding concrete service in the San Diego area. The residential and business clientele we proudly serve have put their faith in us. All of your concrete pool deck problems may be solved with our skilled guidance and solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stamped concrete is a fantastic option if you want something attractive, durable, economic, and easy to maintain for your pool area. Stamped concrete, when properly sealed, can withstand San Antonio’s heat and humidity, as well as the occasional snow and freezing temperatures in the winter.

When it rains, snows, or has any form of moisture on it; stamped concrete becomes extremely slick. A sealer is required for stamped concrete patios and pathways, and it is this sealant that provides a slippery surface. Is it true that stamped concrete becomes hot? We just finished installing stamped concrete on our pool deck, and it’s uncomfortably hot.

Stamped concrete around an inground pool costs $9–$13 per square foot on average (depending on region). A stamped concrete pool patio is 500–900 square feet in size in most places.

Concrete pool decking may also be customized in a variety of ways, including adding color, stamping a design, or even imitating the look of natural materials. Concrete can also have roughness, making it a particularly slip-resistant surface.

Decks are very high-wear regions that require frequent maintenance to prevent corrosion and ensure the safety of the crew and passengers.

Slipperiness is less of a concern with pavers than it is with a concrete slab. This is the case because the bricks are individually set, and you may select pavers with raised edges.

Expect the concrete coating and protection to last between 5 and 10 years on average. Obviously, this value might change, but it serves as a good starting point.

When wet, stained concrete flooring becomes slick, especially if it has a high-gloss sealant finish. When your floors get slippery, they become smooth, moist, and glossy, creating a slick environment that makes your motions on the surface dangerous.

Yes! By giving us a call, you can select whatever you want.

An annual examination will be enough!

We care about our customers and work carefully to ensure that they get the outcomes they want!

Preparation ─ We use heavy industrial grinding equipment on every deck to provide a superior bond. Most competitors skip this step due to the expense, and oftentimes simply pressure wash and/or prime without removing the deteriorated concrete whether seen or unseen. Grinding ensures that all deterioration is removed and provides the proper profile for long-term bonding. Warranty ─ With routine maintenance, we offer a warranty that will last as long as your concrete. Product ─ We use superior products that are not chosen by price, but by quality. Our products have lab-tested and in the field have withstood the test of time. Service ─ Our team provides the best service in the industry.

Call our specialists now to talk about your project and find out which coating you should apply right away!

The quick answer is that staining or painting the underside of your deck is not required. The reason for this is that the upper side of the deck protects the underside of the deck from the elements such as direct sunlight. This is especially true if the deck is built of insect-resistant pressure-treated wood.

Yes, they all can be easily coated. 

Decorative acrylic concrete coatings seem fantastic at first, but they tend to wear out quicker and cost more in the long term due to continuous reapplication.

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