Transportation and parking facilities need the use of very specialized flooring. In settings like these, sway and movement of above-grade parking decks and moisture infiltration pose significant challenges to the integrity of concrete coatings and waterproofing membranes. This is why, in these situations, it is essential to seek the advice of a professional and experienced flooring contractor.

Traffic and parking decks may quickly degrade when exposed to fuels, lubricants, tires, chlorides, and carbonide. Salt, silica, and other contaminants exacerbate the problem. Specific concrete coating technologies are advised to extend the life and structural integrity of traffic infrastructures.

Concrete Polishing Solutions specializes in installing high-quality flooring solutions  and concrete polishing for a variety of transportation situations, including airport terminals, aerospace hangars, fire stations, and parking garages. Our flooring solutions may be adjusted to include line-markings and color coding to indicate where equipment should be parked and moved. You know who to contact when you need flooring that can withstand all types of traffic, whether wheeled or foot, and are resistant to impact, stain, dampness, and water.

Parking garages, ramps, fire stations, apparatus bays, airports, concourses, railway stations, and bus terminals are all good candidates for our epoxy flooring solutions. Our epoxy flooring solutions are slip-resistant and simple to maintain, and they work day in and day out.

To learn more about how successful our epoxy and urethane flooring solutions may be for your facility, give us a call or book a Site Visit with one of our installation professionals.

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