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Do you want to make your concrete look better and more beautiful? Do you want to cover up the imperfections in the concrete already there? In that case, you can do all that and not break the bank. A concrete overlay is a perfect answer to all of the above problems. If you don’t like the look of your concrete, this will give it a new look at a much lower price than if you had to replace it or take it down.

Types Of Concrete Overlays

You might not know which one to choose for your home’s decor with so many options. A concrete polished overlay is a polymer-modified cementitious material that sticks to almost any surface that has been properly prepared. It still has the same properties as concrete.

In addition to concrete, overlays can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including wood decks, if you are tired of having to stain and seal your deck. There are four main types of concrete overlays, and they all work in different ways. These include stampable overlays, micro-toppings, self-leveling overlays, and overlays that can be used for many different things.


It’s best if your concrete surface can only handle a very thin layer of concrete. If this is the case, a micro-topping is the best. Micro toppings, also called skim coats, usually have a thickness of an eighth of an inch. They are also called skim coats because they are thin. Contact us today at Concrete Polishing Solutions.

These thin overlays can be used in many ways. This means that they can be used on both walls and floors. Besides that, they also have a level of flexibility that other people can’t match. When it comes to coloring them, there are many things to think about.

In this case, you can use dyes to make beautiful accents, add dry pigments to the surface, or just add your favorite color to the mix. If your concrete has already started to look old, there is a way for you to make it look brand new again. Micro-toppings can be added instead of taking it apart and putting it back together. Will make it look brand new and beautiful from the outside.

Stamped Concrete Overlays

If you want something denser than a micro-topping, you should think about stamp-able overlays. These can be used both inside and outside to make your concrete surface look like tile, brick, wood, or stone. They can be used both inside and outside. People use them a lot for many different reasons when they put concrete overlays on things. What makes them so amazing is that they can look like the materials above. Unless you are very old, no one would ever say that the concrete on the ground was old.

It’s also possible that if you don’t know much about traditional flooring materials like wood or natural stone, you’d think that a concrete slab with overlays looked real. They range in depth from 1/8 to inches. Any stamped overlay bigger than an inch is not worth the money it takes to make it. As a side note, you should also know that they are made of cement. Because they are so good at staining, that’s why. In addition, they can be colored all at once.

Self-Leveling Overlays

Self-leveling overlays can flatten on their own, just like their name says. Metal squeegees make this easy. These can be used to give your concrete floor a new look, or they can be used as an underlayment with other types of flooring. However, they can be very moody. They have a limited amount of time to work. Then, after you put them down, you just hit them once and then leave them.

Don’t overwork them, because this can be bad for them. It’s very important for them to be installed correctly. The installer must use the correct liquid and the correct amount of liquid. If the installer doesn’t use enough, the thing won’t be set up. It will also break if he puts too much and too quickly in it. As a result, it is important to ensure that a professional does the work.

Multipurpose Overlays

Sand is the main ingredient in multipurpose overlays. They are mostly used for spraying textures, re-booming, and troweling textures into the ground. You must have a trowel, broom, and hopper gun to push your creativity to the limit with multipurpose overlays. You can then try out different designs and styles.

Final Word

Overlay product applications can turn any floor into a work of art and beauty. It is possible to use them on both flat and vertical surfaces. Work with a professional to ensure they’re installed properly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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