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Elastomeric wall coatings are a great way to protect a wall or a group of walls from the weather. Our elastomeric wall coating services are cost-effective and look good. Elastomeric wall coatings come in a wide range of colors and textures to stretch to protect against the weather and fill in gaps.

We think elastomeric wall coatings and concrete polishing are good for a lot of different surfaces, like EIFS panels, block, brick, and pre-cast stone. After applying elastomeric wall coatings, the wall will be protected from water for many years. This service is best for building materials that are easy to crack and settle.

Elastomeric coating services provide a waterproof barrier that is both flexible and breathable for applications above ground. Elastomeric coating is a service that many property management companies and owners use because it is very cheap. We also want to make sure we provide the best service possible. Contact us today at Concrete Polishing Solutions.

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When we apply elastomeric coatings, we take care to protect the area around us and keep an eye on the spread. Drift is how far elastomeric coating particles can go when the wind catches them. This is important to think about especially when you’re working at a height.

Most elastomeric coatings are easy to clean and only need soap and water while they are still wet to get rid of them. After applying the elastomeric coating, the surface can be easily cleaned with a building rinse down every few years.

Our coating services are thought to be very cheap when compared to other elastomeric coating companies. Our elastomeric coating applicators are very efficient, and they always work to make their work more efficient while still getting high-quality results.

People who do elastomeric coating work for us are always looking for less expensive coatings that last longer and have better warranties in order to get your business. Many contractors who apply elastomeric coatings don’t look at newer products because they have used the same one for years. We want you to look around our site and learn more about what we do. Call us at any time.

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