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Floors in aerospace and military installations must be highly resilient and withstand heavy machinery, traffic, and chemical exposure. All regions of an aerospace plant, including assembly areas, labs, maintenance bays, and jet-engine repair stations, require seamless, worry-free flooring solutions.

Chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, simplicity of maintenance, and light reflection are just a few advantages epoxy flooring systems provide for air hangars or military buildings. Our epoxy and urethane flooring solutions may be customized to your exact specifications to fulfill your facility’s aesthetic and environmental requirements.

Concrete Polishing Solutions offers epoxy and urethane flooring solutions made in the United States by the most respected manufacturers. Our seamless flooring solutions are rated for high performance, impact resistance, abrasion and chemical resistance, and non-skid qualities for aerospace and military applications. We sell and install items resistant to Skydrol and other compounds in particular conditions, and we can supply solutions for static control and temperature-dependent situations.

To determine how successful an epoxy or urethane flooring system may be for your facility, give us a call or organize a site visit with one of our installation professionals. Explore our complete range of concrete polishing services.

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