Schools, concourses, service areas, apparatus bays, fire stations, and police stations, among other government institutions, require both robust and slip-resistant flooring. Floors must be smooth and safe in locations subjected to regular traffic from our public officials and their automobiles.

We provide seamless epoxy, concrete, and urethane flooring solutions that are chemical and battery acid-resistant and offer better durability and abrasion resistance. Our communities can use custom striping and graphics to indicate where apparatus should be parked and where foot traffic should be routed.

We provide long-lasting, seamless flooring options for every government institution, from mess halls to locker rooms, bathrooms to concourses. Our products and installations deliver high-quality performance while also being attractive.

If you have a maintenance facility, fuel storage, hangar, equipment bay, hospital, or correctional institution, give one of our installation professionals a call to find out which flooring option is most suited for your area. Contact us today at Concrete Polishing Solutions for concrete polishing services.

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