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▷New Pour Over Old Concrete In San Diego

New Pour Over Old Concrete In San Diego

Can New Concrete be Poured Over Old Concrete In San Diego?

New Pour Over Old Concrete In San Diego

Sometimes, you can make old concrete look new again by pouring new ones on top. Putting new layers on top of old ones is a big worry for many people. The only way to get rid of the old flooring is to have experts put a concrete coating on top of it. It will make sure that the new slabs fit in perfectly with the old ones as if nothing had been done separately.

This blog walks you through everything you need to know about adding new concrete to old concrete.

Preparing The Old Slabs

When you put new concrete on top of an old, damaged slab, the most important thing is to make sure the surface is clean and ready.

Step 1. Cleaning

Do not put anything on the floor. A simple sweep with a broom is the easiest thing you can do to get ready. The next step is to use a pressure washer on the floor. This is necessary to get rid of the stains and dirt that have been there for a long time. A clean, polished surface will ensure that the new layers stick together well.

Step 2. Measuring

The experts make sure that the new slabs will work well with the old ones. The slabs will fit together perfectly if you know the exact length. Looks like nothing was added at another time.

Step 3. Coating With The Primer

The right primer will make sure that the new concrete doesn’t fall over the old one. A primer that is made of an epoxy slurry will cover up any bad lines or cracks. The slurry is able to get into all of the gaps because of damage. Contact us today at Concrete Polishing Solutions for concrete polishing services. 

This is what the experts do best, and this is what they do the best. Making the old surface smooth and free of flaws takes skill. That is the secret to getting a professional to do it.

Step 4. Applying Bonding Agent

The bonding coat will make sure that the two layers stick together. For a strong bond, it’s important to make sure the mix you use to bond things together is the right consistency.

Benefits Of Well-Prepared Surface

  • A well-prepared old concrete will make it easier for the new ones to stick to the ground and stay there.
  • Preparing the surface will hide any damage.
  • Covering up damage while you’re making things.
  • Increases the strength and sturdiness of the sublayers so that they can’t be damaged again in the future.

Pouring the New Concrete

A good mix is very important.

This is what only the pros know. So, well done for making it this far in this blog. It’s all about getting the right mix.

The Right Mix

A new layer of the concrete mix should have a certain consistency. Most people have thought that the two layers should be done the same way, but that’s not true.

There should be less water in the mix if it is to be poured over an old slab. The new layer must look and feel stiffer or thicker than the old ones. This is how it should work.

Spreading Evenly

It’s time to spread wet concrete over the old layer of concrete after you’ve poured the concrete mix into a bucket. This step also needs the help of the person who is installing it. The correct way to spread concrete is to make sure it is spread evenly. With a thicker mix, the person who is controlling the wet concrete will have a hard time. This step needs to be done very carefully in order to get a smooth and level surface.

Final Reminders

Make sure to keep up with the maintenance of the new overlay you just put on. A stamp can also be added for extra flair. Remember that when the new layers are put on, there is no going back once they are done. Keep in mind, though, that it’s important to have flooring experts help you with the job. Want to learn more? You can learn how to make your floor patterns match the decor in your victorian-style home by reading this.

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