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▷4 Steps To Concrete Grinding & Concrete Polishing Process In San Diego

4 Steps To Concrete Grinding & Concrete Polishing Process In San Diego

4 Steps To Concrete Grinding & Concrete Polishing Process In San Diego

4 Steps To Concrete Grinding & Concrete Polishing Process In San Diego

  • High Quality Polymerized Concrete

A high-quality surface with a stunning appearance that wears unlike any other flooring is offered by quality polished concrete. To complete the Surface, three technologies must be combined. These include the application of chemicals, diamond technology resins, and concrete grinders. When the floor is finished, it offers exceptional durability. 

  • Concrete Grinding

One to four weeks are needed for the concrete slab to cure after it has been poured. The ideal method for completing a new structure is to grind the slab before starting any additional work. As a result, the slab may be ground flat and even without any obstacles getting in the way. The customer stays on site throughout the operation to approve how much aggregate the grinding exposes. Finishing the floor before adding the skirting, joinery, or final coats of paint is preferable in an existing home or if the building has already begun. If the final coating has already been done, a polished concrete floor finish can still be achieved. 

  • Figuring Out The Finish

With a coarse (30 grit) grinder, the concrete is first ground. This makes the aggregate visible and evenizes the slab throughout the entire floor. The procedure continues when the customer is happy with the exposure. 

Any leftover scratches are removed during the final grinding with the 120 fine grit blade, leaving the floor incredibly smooth. The expert next fills any cracks, holes, or other flaws in the floor with concrete dust and a grouting agent. 

The Surface is treated with a hardener or densifier. It reacts with the concrete, hardening the Surface as a result. 

  • Buffing Away Extra Enhancers 

Customers of Concrete Polishing Solutions may relax knowing that the job is being completed correctly, utilizing the best equipment, supplies, and pads on the market. 

Care Of Polished Concrete Floor:

  • By routinely vacuuming the Surface, you may get rid of dust and debris. 
  • Any spills on the polished concrete Surface should be cleaned up very away. 
  • Avoid using harsh cleansers with a citrus base or bleach as a cleaning agent. 
  • Use protective padding under the legs of furniture to prevent scratches. 
  • Make use of a microfiber mop to keep the Surface spotless and free of streaks. 
  • Prior to washing the rest of the floor, spot-clean spots with significant soiling. 
  • Daily burnishing will keep heavy traffic areas looking wonderful. 
  • If you must clean the floor with a detergent, pick a pH-neutral solution made specifically for floor care. 
  • Apply using a mop or auto-scrubber and fresh water. 
  • Rinse with clean water thoroughly.


What Procedures Are Involved In Polishing Concrete? 

  • Gather the Proper Tools. 
  • Filling Holes and Sealing Cracks. 
  • Concrete grinding 
  • Applying densifiers and stains 
  • Polishing the Surface 

How Is Concrete Ground Polished? 

Use an 80-grit metal-bonded diamond to hone. Diamond with a metal bond and 150 grit (or finer, if desired). Densify the concrete by adding a chemical hardener. Use a resin-bond diamond polisher with a 100- or 200-grit setting or a combination of the two. 

How Long Do Concrete Grinding And Polishing Take? 

A concrete grind and seal for an existing slab typically takes 3-5 days to complete. That number can increase if a fresh pour is involved.

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