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▷3 Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For All Types Of Concrete In San Diego

3 Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For All Types Of Concrete In San Diego

3 Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For All Types Of Concrete In San Diego

3 Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For All Types Of Concrete In San Diego

Concrete sealants come in a variety of varieties, each with unique benefits and applications. With the following advice, you can easily maintain and care for your floors regardless of the type of concrete coating they have: 

  • Maintenance Of Polished Concrete Flooring

Maintain a clean, dust-free surface at all times if your floor is polished concrete. In the event of a spill, remove dirt and debris from polished concrete surfaces as soon as possible without using bleach or cleaners with citrus bases. Protective pads should also be positioned beneath the legs of furniture to shield the polished finish. This type of surface can be cleaned most effectively with a microfiber mop. Prior to cleaning the entire polished concrete area, heavily filthy spots will need localized cleaning. After using a low-pH-balanced cleanser, rinse with clean water. 

  • Floor Care: Grind & Seal

Concrete grinding, known as “grind and seal,” includes a clear coating method. It typically takes these floor coatings 5-7 days to fully cure. Remember to maintain this type of flooring clean and vacuumed at all times. Use protective padding underneath the furniture to stop damage. Cleaning should be done with a low-pH cleaner and a microfiber mop. Consider applying new surface coatings every five years for preservation in high usage locations. 

  • Maintenance Of Polywood Floors

Concrete floors with an epoxy finish are resistant to chemicals and wear. Spills on this surface should be cleaned up right away, just like spills on other forms of concrete. Localized cleaning can be useful for big spills before cleaning the entire epoxy surface. Use a mild, ph-neutral cleaning solution designed specifically for floor care for localized cleaning. Using a mop and fresh, warm water, you can apply the floor cleaning solution. Always rinse your concrete surface with clean water after usage, regardless of the circumstance. Depending on usage, we advise reapplying the epoxy every 10 years or so. 


How Often Ought One Clean Concrete? 

Power washing could only be necessary once every two years or so for concrete surfaces with light traffic. However, just to be safe, the majority of professionals advise washing your concrete at least once a year. 

What Is The Concrete Cleaning Process? 

Using a power washer, which is frequently leased, is the most popular way of cleaning outside concrete (such as to remove oil and grease stains). Typically, it’s best to spray a detergent or alkaline degreaser on the surface and wait 15 to 20 minutes before following up with water. 

How Is Fresh Concrete Safeguarded? 

Simply put, the objective is to maintain concrete saturation during the first 28 days. Five to ten times a day, or as often as you can, should be used to mist the slab with water for the first seven days after installation. As soon as the concrete is poured, the curing process starts.

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