How the Polished Concrete Process Works

We create San Diego polished concrete floors with mirror-like, glossy finishes. We have a wide array of design options for you to choose from, as well. You can choose from various colors, embed aggregates or any objects you wish and create your own patterns. We use the mechanical process in grinding and polishing your concrete floor. We have state-of-the-art tools and equipment as well as expert and experienced installers to work on this multi-step process. We can give your concrete floor in San Diego, California a high degree of shine to replicate the look of granite or marble. We can stain your concrete floor during the polished concrete process to mimic the color of stone. We can also grind a few millimeters more on the top of the concrete surface so the aggregate may be exposed and create a terrazzo look. We specialize in durable and affordable San Diego polished concrete and making your concrete slab look beautiful. Call now for special discount pricing.

EPOXY FLOORING Epoxy Floor Coatings

Installation San Diego Epoxy Floors also makes sure epoxy floor coatings are installed based on manufacturer’s recommendation and under suitable temperature. The concrete surface must have a 550F minimum temperature and air temperature must be between 600 and 900. with these temperatures the epoxy floor coating will definitely cure well. Whether it is for residential, commercial or industrial applications, Epoxy Floors San Diego’ epoxy floor coatings are sure to provide beautiful, durable, high-performing and low maintenance floors you desire. Epoxy floor coatings cost may be higher than other flooring systems but the benefits these flooring systems provide far outweighs the cost. We install epoxy floor coatings for commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, supermarkets, malls as well as office buildings in San Diego, California. We also install epoxy floor coatings for industrial spaces such as factories and manufacturing plants. Schools and healthcare institutions also benefit from our epoxy floor coatings. We work with the top manufacturers to bring you the best San Diego epoxy floor coatings. We have flake, quartz, metallic and many more coating options. Call us now for a FREE quote.