Seriously this is the most versatile and customizable theme, and on top of that, internq7 provides amazing support with quick response times. Thank you!


I have purchased many themes and frameworks from themeforest, internq7 gets 5 out of 5 stars for quality of design, service and support. Congratulations!

Henny HarryCustomer

I purchased this theme as my first theme on WP. I have to say I'm extraordinarily pleased with this theme. I appreciate very much on this theme and this was money very well-spent.


I am a total beginner!!! As far as I'm concerned, support for this theme is outstanding and given recent years in the comment area here. Good Job!

Tom JaksonCustomer

Everything the author says about this theme, including the best support available is absolutely true! It's been #1 for a reason and I'm sure it will keep its place as the best.

John DoeCustomer

Congratulations on the awesome milestone! I purchased this theme for my business as well because it offers everything I could want to building my website. Thanks!

Jessica DoeCustomer

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This is simply the best WordPress theme for any kind of website. Just be patient when configuring. There are so many options and you can change everything without coding or technical knowledge.

John Doe

UDesign WordPress Theme is Amazing. I find I can get anything done that I want for making a website. Very powerful and adaptive Theme. I don't know what else I could want in a Theme.

Henry Harry

I am a total beginner!!! Bought UDesign 6 weeks ago, and I am working on my first website. So you guys can only imagine how many questions I have. Yet, I have had all my questions answered within 3 hours or less.

Rick Edward